"Hasma" Tee (Burnt Orange)

"Hasma" Tee (Burnt Orange)


"I Don't Know Where I Am Going, All I Know Is I Cant Stay Here"

100% USA Premium Cotton tee w/ sidestring connected through bottom hem.

Woven label stitched on bottom right.

Water-based ink.

Frontside of the shirt contains a graphic of two hands invoking the imagery of the Hamsa hand. The Hamsa itself, is said to be used as an amulet of protection from the envious and evil. A line being drawn over the eyes and yet still the eyes shining through is particularly powerful. It is meant to show that regardless of circumstance, one's eyes can never truly be averted from all that is good.

The backside of the shirt were words overheard in a bar in Louisville KY. They spoke to the need for urgent progress, when one's life requires change. 


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