"Be Still" Tee (Black)

"Be Still" Tee (Black)



100% USA Premium Cotton tee w/ sidestring connected through bottom hem.

Woven label stitched on bottom right.

Water-based ink.

Back side bottom left the contains the poem: 

"Nomadic Moon, I wonder like you. Lose myself in the dark, just to find my way out. Rolling around the town, I feel endless as you. With time I'll build my temple. Fate, the cruel prophet, she is anything but gentle."


Shirt embodies the virtue of patience. The front side displaying a graphic of a woman and the perils of over-thinking. The back offers the counter to such peril, by assuring one to "Be Still" amidst the chaos. While the poem itself, is a commentary on the idle restlessness that comes from aspiring to one's dreams. 

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